Why to run a linkblog á la Dave Winer’s ‘Protoblogger’

Dave Winer has an experimental WordPress rendering of his linkblog, Protoblogger.

“(…) Protoblogger is an experiment in linkblogging.

Background — when I started scripting.com in 1997 it was a linkblog, but gradually over time it changed into a hybrid, with links and longer stories, and finally became a place for essays. I transitioned to using Twitter as the place I publish links.

If this experiment works, I’ll still push links to Twitter, but they will publish here too. (…)”

via About « Protoblogger.

Dave’s been working like forever on ways to keep/make the Internet more distributed, and thereby less vulnerable to attacks by centralized power, such as corporations or governments.

In recent episodes of his Rebooting the News podcast with Jay Rosen, the two have been discussing the risks involved in surrendering our communication and our data to Big Corporate Silos.

Dave also wants us all to run our stuff on our own infrastructure. So that next time someone wanted to shut off  some part of the Internet, the only way to do it would be for them to shut down the Internet entirely.

Twitter is effectively running the current global iteration of the news system or, let’s say, the 140-chars system of news. With a view to making that particular 140-chars news system more distributed, Dave’s idea of a linkblog which lives on our own infrastructure but can feed into services like Twitter makes a lot of sense.

So I feel encouraged to do something similar: next to my WordPress blog for the long form, I’ll set up a linkblog. But first I’ll learn from Dave how his experiment pans out.


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