Would you like to host my WordPress blog?

I’m looking at hosting my own WordPress.org installation for this blog. (At the moment it runs on WordPress.com.)


(1) To follow Dave Winer‘s suggestion that we should run our stuff on our own infrastructure:

It’s important that people learn to manage their own infrastructure. It’s going to happen, we can do it. We can make servers much easier to set up and maintain, and do more stuff that’s meaningful to people like the people in Egypt fighting for freedom. By spreading out we’re harder to stop. Permanent link to this item in the archive.

(2) To “own” my own data;
(3) For more freedom (“as in speech” and “as in beer”) in domain mapping, css design and deployment of widgets.

Do you have experience in running self-hosted WordPress.org installations? If you do, would you like to host mine as well?

(I’m just thinking, there may be synergies…)


2 thoughts on “Would you like to host my WordPress blog?

  1. Dag Jos,

    Mogelijk kan mijn huidige provider, en de oude van van Alfred, de zich overigens inderdaad zelf van het leven heeft benomen, wel een innovatieve impuls gebruiken. Weet nog nog niet hoe ik dit/dat doortwitter.
    Ga jou wel volgen, ook tbv aanscherping gedachten over mijn eigen activiteiten.
    beste groet,

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