Eli Pariser: Beware online “filter bubbles” | TED talks 2011

So Eli Pariser warns us for the ‘Filter Bubble’. Very interesting in the context of the recommendation engine we are building at http://eleet.fi.

We do subscribe to Clay Shirky‘s point that information overload is not the problem but filter failure is. And we are working to do something about that problem by developing a personalised recommendation engine informed by on-line social gestures.

I do agree with Eli that we should be very transparent about how our filters work, explaining what is being filtered-in and what is being filtered-out, and enable users to manage those filters. Those are valid points.

Our engine puts people at the centre of the filtering mechanism. Our algorithm does not so much look at what you click on and read. Instead of looking at users’ information consumption behavior, we look at their authoring behavior. And we look at the authoring behavior – i.e. the on-line social gestures – of their peers.

That – among other things – makes us different from the examples of Facebook, Google and Yahoo! that Eli mentions.

Hat-tip to Marko.


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